ZenSo Decorative Mood Light

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ZenSo is the first decorative mood light designed just for children adapted to their style and their touch.

With its three different modes – Play, Relax and Sleep – ZenSo adapts to every moment of the day. Set to “Play” for well lighted moment of fun, “Relax” for a subtle light that softly changes from one color to another, or “Sleep” to watch over little ones during the night.

ZenSo creates a colorful atmosphere that dresses up any room. With a soft and pleasant feel, ZenSo is touch-sensitive. A gentle stroke from a small hand is enough to change modes, making it very easy for children to use. Just touch it to change the ambience.Thanks to its low-energy LEDs technology, ZenSo doesn't heat up at all, making it very safefor children. ZenSo is also certified for use from birth and little ones can use it as early as they stand up!

The original idea of the designer is to take an object from kids’ everyday lives: a Diabolo. With its innocent air of a sleepy character, ZenSo is actually a lamp!Made with the rotational molding technique, its shape is really soft.

How does it work?

  • Touch-sensitive, it detects movement thanks to a volumetric sensor.
  • To change modes, simply stroke the bottom of the product.
  • 3 different light features to adapt to the child’s rhythm.
    • PLAY: a white glow which illuminates the bedroom
    • RELAX: smooth changing colors to soothe little ones before bedtime.
    • SLEEP: a soft blue light in case your child wakes up at night.
  • A general switch enables the user to turn it off completely.

  • Decorative: a colorful atmosphere that brightens the bedroom
  • 3 ambiences in 1: Play, relax, sleep... ZenSo adapts to every moment of the day
  • Tactile: just touch it to change the ambience
  • Safe: LED bulbs don't heat up
  • Gentle: with its different tones of light, ZenSo is pleasant and soft to the touch
  • Bright idea by Pabobo: design focused on even the youngest children, it is certified for use from birth

  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 25 cm

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