• Beaba Vegetable Cutter - Gypsy

Beaba Vegetable Cutter - Gypsy

  • €24.90

  • Ex Tax: €20.24

The perfect companion for the weaning phase and  handy addition to your Beaba Babycook. The BPA free board with an integrated chopping system allows for even quicker food preparation.

Cuts fruit and vegetables into 1cm x 1cm cubes for optimum cooking. The ergonomic design makes it quick and easy use (requires very effort!)

It opens at the base for sliding food directly into your blender or babycook basket. There\'s a section for pre-chopping and storage and a groove for collecting juices.


Non-slip base for good stability.

Compatible with all babycook models.

Dishwasher safe.

Ergonomic design for quick and easy use without any effort .

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