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Review: phil&teds smart compact stroller
Review: phil&teds smart compact stroller
Monday, 22 August 2011 13:53

Read 98FM DJ Dave Moore's review of phil&teds smart compact stroller:
                                              98Fm Dave Moore with phil & teds smart compact stroller

When I got my hands on the Smart, I was thrilled. I’m a man, in case you hadn’t noticed, and I like things that feel cool and look cool. The Smart is all of that. The futuristic, neon-green, breathable fabric on the seat completely sold i
t to me. Andrew and I would look like the tech-savvy boys that we are as we stroll around the place!

Of course, there’s no point in looking cool if the Smart is useless. It isn’t; it’s brilliant. Andrew and I always walk our dog, Lorna (yeah, she has a human name, don’t judge me!), on a green near to our house in Portmarnock. (see pics) The grass is often long, the surface slopes and undulates and, once it rains, it becomes mucky. Our former stroller would always struggle in these conditions so I’d be forced to slip on his “wallaboos” (wellington boots) and pop him on his bike, which I can push anywhere. Now, though, the large-wheeled Smart is our only weapon of choice for the green as it can cope with anything Irish weather can throw at us. Also, its rain cover and movable sun visor are perfect to protect him from the four-seasons-in-one-day summer we’ve had this year.

Another challenge for a stroller in Portmarnock is the beach. The Velvet Strand is more than two miles long and an amazing place to go for a stroll at any time of year, in any weather. There are rocks, smooth sand, rippled sand and dunes, grass and stony paths. Whatever surface the Smart comes into contact with it handles like a bigger, more expensive buggy can plus, as I said, it looks really cool!

There is a function where you can turn the seat around and have the child face you. To be honest, that’s not necessary for us because Andrew only likes to face forward and shout at bin trucks and tractors and point at passers-by and point out their gender; “man!” or “luddee!”

Finally, and probably most importantly to my slight, slip of a wife, is the Smart’s compact portability. Two locks and a button transform the Smart into a tiny little thing that fits into any boot we’ve come across.  This, combined with the easy transformation, makes her life a whole lot easier.

All in all, I’m smitten with the Smart and will be putting it to the most rigorous of tests soon, as we’re heading to rural Spain, where the caminos and olive groves will offer it a whole new world of difficult terrains, which, frankly, I expect it to handle with ease.

Dave Moore, new phil&teds head convert

Dermot & Dave Show, Weekdays 1600h - 1900h, 98FM  http://about.me/dave98fm

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