• Bebecal™ Baby Wedge (Fleur de Coton) - Taupe

Bebecal™ Baby Wedge (Fleur de Coton) - Taupe

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The medical profession recommends that babies should sleep on their backs during the early months.  

Consisting of 2 wedge cushions linked by a strip of soft cotton fabric on which baby lies, the Bébécal™ baby wedge prevents baby from turning over onto his tummy during his sleep. The width between the wedge cushions can be adjusted to baby’s size.
The rippled shape (Air Flow System™) of the foam cushions ensures continued air circulation. 

2 rippled shape foam cushions which ensure continued air circulation even if baby comes into direct contact with it
Velcro band permits the wedge to be adjusted in width to fit baby

Technical info :
  • For use: From birth to around 4 months
  • Fabric: Fleur de Coton® fabric covers
  • Care: Entirely machine washable. Covers can be removed for washing and drying separately.

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